Way of Management

The KJAER GROUP Way of Management consists of the Group’s mission, vision, key processes, policies and the adoption of the ”Triple Bottom Line” principle which secures that decisions are made with equal balance between financial results as well as social and environmental responsibility.

The KJAER GROUP Way of Management ensures a value based approach to management, which has been fundamental for the Group since its foundation. It is equally important that the Group is a service company, in which the composition of the individual elements creates a unique business model, thereby creating value for our customers

Acting responsibly

KJAER GROUP A/S is committed to the principles articulated in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which we joined in November 2003. In 2007 we affirmed our support for a cleaner environment by joining the UN’s environmental initiative, Caring for the Climate. The UN’s principles for sustainability (the UN Global Compact) are important as reference for all activities and are thus incorporated into the company’s governance framework. Each year we report on our progress within the 10 main areas, in keeping with the principle of responsible business operation. The annual reporting (Communication on Progress) to UN Global Compact can be found on

United Against Corruption

KJAER GROUP has raised awareness regarding corruption through various channels in the past by trying to establish a professional climate of honesty, transparency and accountability in every facet of the company. A group anti-corruption policy was implemented in 2013 and states the code of conduct for all KJAER GROUP employees. It includes a clear policy in regard to payments and gifts, partner assessment, risk evaluation and whistle-blowing procedures, among other items.

By participating in the UN’s International Anti-corruption Day initiative #UNITED AGAINST CORRUPTION on December 9, we are joining a global developmental trend that strives to combat corruption. In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 16), anti-corruption initiatives are not only very important to the world but to us as well. Corruption is a dominant factor that drives countries toward economic failure and furthermore has a negative impact on the business/market in which we operate.