The Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) principle was introduced in 2008 to help ensure that the businesses are developing in a profitable as well as responsible manner. Based on the Group’s vision and values, specific targets and policies were defined for social, environmental and financial performance.   


  • Creating a happy, healthy, safe workplace 
  • Providingfair, competitive compensation  


  • All entities operating at the minimum of environmental impact 
  • Ensuring we conduct environmentally-friendly initiatives and projects relevant to our business 


  • Striving for predictable, sustainable growth 
  • Increased enterprise value 
  • Solidifying our status as the preferred partner to international customers
  • Developing a sustainably profitable company for investment ventures

Commitment and support to UN’s SDG 2030


As a European business with operations and presence in developing countries, we have an opportunity – an obligation – to influence, support and change some of the most challenging global issues.

Our sustainability commitment has in 2018 taken a step further, as KJAER GROUP will strive actively to support the 17 universal Global Sustainable Development Goals and the 169 targets to be achieved by 2030. Certainly all of the targets are important for the world, but we focus on those in which we can have the most positive impact. Thus, in 2018 we continued that fiveyear effort to ensure decent, safe conditions for our employees in Mozambique and Uganda, reduce our climate footprint and fight corruption in all forms.

In the report “Communication on Progress” (COP), which represents our external Sustainability Report, you’ll find the above-mentioned progress description and results of our efforts. It is available at