The Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) principle was introduced in 2008 to ensure that the businesses are developing in a profitable as well as responsible manner. Based on the Group’s vision and values, specific targets and policies were defined for Financial as well as Social and Environmental performance. For us, this is sustainability.



  • Creating a happy, healthy, safe workplace 
  • Providingfair, competitive compensation  


  • All entities operating at the minimum of environmental impact 
  • Ensuring we conduct environmentally-friendly initiatives and projects relevant to our business 


  • Striving for predictable, sustainable growth 
  • Increased enterprise value 
  • Solidifying our status as the preferred partner to international customers
  • Developing a sustainably profitable company for investment ventures



At KJAER GROUP of companies, we are committed to driving sustainable mobility and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. This sustainability report provides an overview of our sustainability performance in the past year and outlines our priorities for the future.

We are committed to the principles articulated in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which we joined in 2003. In 2007, we  confirmed our support for a cleaner environment by joining UN’s environmental initiative, Caring for the Climate. Each year we report on our progress within the 10 main areas, in keeping with the principle of responsible business operation. This annual report, called COP (Communication on Progress) to UN Global Compact, has since 2021 taken form as our Sustainability Report. Our reports are available at

We are in the process of aligning to the new UN COP reporting structure, wherefore the Sustainability Report 2022 are to be found here for now: